Jeremy Moore is a freelance outdoor photographer based near Aberystwyth in mid-Wales. He specialises in the Welsh landscape, but an eclectic approach to his subject matter results in images ranging from the purely abstract to the documentary. As a photographer he is equally at home in post-industrial or primeval surroundings. He has moved increasingly into wildlife photography in the last few years.

He has been fully professional since the early 1990's. He worked freelance for the Wales Tourist Board for a number of years, but their unreasonable attitude towards photographers led to a parting of the ways. More recently he has worked on self-generated or publisher-led projects leading to a number of books and exhibitions. For full details of his career and interests, please click here. His fifth book "Wales - At Water's Edge" (with Jon Gower) was published in May 2012. His new exhibition Bird/land will be shown at MOMA Wales from June 27th - September 19th 2015.

Jeremy Moore has been publishing the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt range of postcards since 1987. He has ventured for the first time into fridge magnets in 2015.